Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Email Subscription on Blogger

 Add Email Subscription box to your Blogger Blog 

1.First go to your blog and sign in. 

2.Next, google search feedburner or enter

3.Enter your blog or feed address (For ex. on the box and hit next.
On the next page choose either option to use as your source. ( For ex. I choose Template images-RSS) hit next.

4.At this page you don't have to change anything prior to change feed title and address just hit next.

5.Over to the next page when you scroll down you will get a choice of next or skip directly to feed management. Choose skip directly....

6.This page bring up the Template Image where you can customize or make changes with their services. Click publicize tap and choose Email Subscription locate on the left side and scroll down to the bottom page hit activate.
7.On the final page, you'll be able to copy and paste the following code into any web page which is the blog you sign in at the beginning. Double click on the code to select all and click right on the mouse to bring up the copy option and copy the entire code. 

8.Now go over to your blog and look for layout to customize your template.
Then pick a section either side-bar or footer for your Email subscription location and click "Add a Gadget". A window will pop up scroll down on that window and click the add sign on HTML/JavaScript

9.Here you type in the title: subscribe! and on the content paste the code you copy from the feedburner site. Click save. View your blog and you'll be able to see the change you made on your blog. 
10.Optional: If you dislike the border and you want to remove it on the email subscription box go back to the layout page and edit your subscribe! tap. On the code <form style="border:1px solid change to "border:0px solid and hit save to make change. 

11.If you want to remove "Delivered by FeedBurner" go back to layout and edit your subscribe! tap. At the bottom of the code highlight and remove <p>Delivered by<ahref=""target"blank">Feedburner</a><p> and hit save. Congrats, you got a neat email subscription on your blog. Thank you and Please subscribe! and comment below. 

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